Subconscious Healing

Many people think of hypnosis as a means to end smoking, lose weight, or to watch a hypnotist on stage have people do funny and silly things such as barking like a dog or other entertainment. However, clinical hypnotherapy is much different when used as a healing modality. There are no side effects, it is permanent relief, and most of all, there are no medications. It is quick and easy, and you are always in control: of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions. No one can tell you what to do or make you do anything against your will. It is all permission based--you choose to make the changes which are beneficial to yourself.

Hypnotherapy for emotional and mental health is part of a holistic approach to releasing emotional energy stored in the body, such as:

Anger, anxiety, and resentment;
Resolve grief and depression;
Reduce stress;
Overcome fears;
Improve self-esteem and self-confidence;
Increase motivation;
Increase learning and creativity;
Trauma resolution without reliving the trauma.

Hypnosis is a gentle way to help reduce overwhelming emotions and assist you in dealing with issues calmly. It is also helpful in exploring and understanding the root causes of problems which guide current behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Nothing changes until the feelings change. Feelings are the undercurrent to everything about you, how they affect you, how you react to circumstances, to adversity, and how you manage stress. Negative emotions and cognitions often are behind our reactions. Achieving calm and control of ourselves is something that doesn't have to be fleeting.

Hypnosis is a natural experience: it is a focused relaxation; a state of inner absorption and concentration; a gentle, relaxed state of mind and body, which lets people use their minds in a positive and empowering manner. The subconscious mind can and does make changes easily, quickly, and processes hard issues with less emotional impact.

Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals. It's not mystical or magical. It is accessing your subconscious mind while you are relaxed, providing you with the control to help yourself. Please call for more information and to find out how you can benefit from achieving change in a calm, relaxing manner.

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